Church History Highlights


March 3, 1966,
t. Paul Baptist Mission began in the home of the late Rev. & Mrs. James Walker. Our first church service was held on the first Sunday in July, in our first building on Wisner Avenue.

February 24, 1979,
Rev. Walker retired and Rev. Robert L. Davis was elected to serve as Pastor and Rev. Walker became the Honorary Pastor.

May 1979,
The St. Paul Mission became a formally organized and incorporated church, recognized by the state and denominational bodies.

March 1982,
 We officially moved into our present house of worship at 94 Cottage Street 

May 6, 1984,
We celebrated our Cornerstone Laying Ceremony. 

May 1999,
We celebrated the “Burning of the Church Mortgage”. 

March 23, 2002,
Rev. Robert L. Davis retired from the pastorate.

April 3, 2004
Rev. Ray Anthony King was elected to serve as Senior Pastor, and served tirelessly for fourteen years and five months. Through the leadership of Dr. King, St. Paul grew in leaps and bounds; spiritually, numerically and financial. Many advancements, improvements and modifications were done to the house of God and to the "temple" of the Holy Ghost.

September 12, 2018,
Pastor King resigned as Senior Pastor. Upon his resignation, Pastor King recomended Rev. Duane McPherson to serve as the fourth Senior Pastor.

September 12, 2018- Present,
Rev. McPherson was elected as our Senior Pastor. Pastor MAC came to the pastorate of St. Paul with the motto....."Onward & Upward!"

Through the leadership of the men of God that has been placed here, our church continues to GROW and GO!

***(The detailed history is filed in the archives of our church.)